Aris De Juan.

Regional President, Latin America and Southern Europe.


Aris De Juan is Regional President for Clear Channel's Latin America and Southern Europe markets, with full operational responsibility for its businesses in the fast-growing regions of Brazil, Chile, Mexico and Peru, and the established European markets of Italy and Spain.  He is also a member of CCI’s Executive Committe, which provides leadership, direction and resource across all its international business.

After gaining a Law degree from Universidad Complutense in Madrid, Aris has gained extensive international experience during more than 20 years’ working within the media and entertainment industry.  He joined Clear Channel Spain in June 2004 as Chief Financial Officer before being promoted to CEO in November 2006.  In 2012, Aris was appointed Chairman of Clear Channel's Latin America region before expanding his leadership remit in 2017 to also include the markets in Southern Europe as the new Regional President.  

Prior to joining Clear Channel, he worked at Walt Disney Company Iberia for six years as Chief Financial Officer and BMG Music for seven years as Deputy Finance Director.

Aris is a passionate and committed member of the leadership team, whose interests outside work include outdoor activities in the mountains and motorcycle riding.