Why join us?

People are our most important resource and what makes the critical difference in how we perform. We believe people can achieve their full potential when they enjoy their work, so it is our priority to provide a workplace where growth, success and fun go hand in hand. Read more

Our people.

Clear Channel International employs almost 4,000 people across our Asian, European and Latin American regions.  By living to our values of Freedom, Flexibility, Forward Thinking, Fulfilling Promises, Fairness and Fast, we share an attitude and approach that spans many cultures and languages across the globe. Read more

Vision & Values.

Our vision. Clear Channel is harnessing the power of creativity, flexibility, and accountability - driven by the tech-fuelled transformation of our medium - to meet current and future customer needs.

Our values. Freedom, Flexibility, Fulfilling Promises, Forward Thinking, Fairness and Fast.

Our values form the code we live by as an organisation. They make up a set of attributes that we can develop, share and celebrate, as a group of people spanning many cultures and languages. Read more

What is CCI HQ?

CCI's HQ team is based at the headquarters of the international division in London, UK, and has a clearly defined role to both support and challenge our business units, internationally.  Working closely with teams in local markets, the HQ team provides additional expertise and resource, leveraging our global scale to deliver powerful tools, share best practice across the region, whilst equally respecting and encouraging local entrepreneurialism.      

Functions within HQ include: HR, Development, Finance, IT, Legal, Marketing and Sales.

Apply for vacancies.

Clear Channel is constantly seeking new talent to help drive our business and realise our vision.  If you are interested in working for Clear Channel, please refer to the list of countries at the bottom of the page and click on the relevant link.

We are Clear Channel Outdoor.

An introduction to Clear Channel Outdoor - a global leader in out-of-home advertising, enabling brands to meet and engage people when they're out and about in 23 countries across Asia, Europe, North America and Latin America. The company has a growing portfolio, which is currently made up of over half a million displays, spanning traditional and digital formats on roadside billboards, street furniture and in retail, point of sale, airport, transit and lifestyle environments. Watch on Vimeo